October 4, 2011

Members present: Marion Wnek, Rick Giese, Dennis Knaak, Bill Letter

Members absent: Marlin Noffke

Others present: Commissioner Grant Bystol; Keith Marquardt, Parks Manager; Mark Heling, Shawano; John Ainsworth, Shawano; Lee Pulaski, Shawano Leader; Mike Exferd, Mead & Hunt and Priscilla Zahn, Lead Accounting Technician.

Location & Time: Shawano County Highway Department, 3035 E Richmond St, Shawano WI 54166 8:00 AM

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Wnek at 8:00 AM.

A motion was made by Giese and seconded by Knaak to approve the minutes from the September 19th meeting. Motion carried 4-0-1.

Motion by Letter; seconded by Giese to deviate if necessary. Motion carried 4-0-1.

Under public comments: Mark Heling expressed interest in property by CTH CCC boat landing; John Ainsworth mentioned leaving campers in park over winter and Mike Exferd, Mead & Hunt visited the committee.

Parks Manager Report: DNR wants to release pheasants at Maple Lane; Rose leaving-her position is posted and trees to cut down and take care of.

The Ton Pickup Truck Quote was opened. Three quotes were received. After review a motion was made by Wnek and seconded by Letter to award quote to Shawano Auto Sales for $21,893.00. Motion carried on roll call vote 4-0-1.

CTH BE parcels were discussed. A motion was made by Giese and seconded by Letter to have Steve Dreher, Maintenance look into sale. Motion carried 4-0-1.

County Board Rules were discussed. A motion was made by Giese and seconded by Letter to leave as is. Motion carried 4-0-1.

Highway Commissioner report: CTH H should be finished next week; binder CTH MM this week-will not be open yet; CTH G mucking done; paving in Village of Birnamwood; STH 29 placing anti-skid surface on bridge by CTH G.

Meeting attendance/training/travel: motion by Letter and second by Knaak to allow committee and Commissioner to attend the district meeting on Friday October 28th at Menominee County. Motion carried 4-0-1.

Committee meeting dates: Tuesday October 18th, November 1st and 15th all at 8 AM.

Under letters and communications: Stockbridge mitigation site was discussed; also working with DOT, Menominee County and BIA to get a project lined up for CTH G from Koonz Lake Rd to STH 47.

The committee reviewed highway bills dated September 21st for $58,602.30 and September 27th for $313,498.15; also Parks bills dated September 6th for $5,787.49; September 13th for $1,841.67 and September 20th for $7,744.21. A motion was made by Letter and seconded by Knaak to approve bills as presented. Motion carried 4-0-1.

A motion was made by Wnek and seconded by Letter to adjourn the meeting at 9:00 AM. Motion carried 4-0-1.

Bill Letter, Secretary

Approved , 2011