November 1, 2013

Members present: Kathy Luebke, Ken Capelle, Marlin Noffke, Steve Gueths, and Gene Hoppe

Members absent:

Others present: None.

Location & Time: Conference Table Planning and Development Department, Shawano County Courthouse at 9:00 AM

  1. Chairman Luebke called the meeting to order at 9:00 AM.

  1. Public comments: None.

  1. Committee comments: Marlin Noffke noted he had heard rumors that the Planning Department Staff were preparing to file an appeal of the Circuit Court Decision regarding the Lighthouse Variance. Robert Jacobson noted this rumor was not factual and just that-a rumor. Ken Capelle noted the AIS Grant application was not received by Shawano and Menominee Counties as well as East Central Regional Planning. Mr. Capelle noted a joint application with Menominee County could be an option for the next application time period. Marlin Noffke noted an issue with the Town of Hartland Farmland Preservation Plan Map. Mr. Noffke noted the Town Board had never seen nor approved this map. Steve Kunst stated the map was provided at a joint PD&Z and LCC meeting where Town Chairman Bob Woldt and Zoning Administrator Scott Schara were in attendance. After further discussion it was determined that Mr. Kunst would attend a meeting with the Town of Hartland representatives on November 19, 2013 if one is scheduled to discuss the map and what the map provides for the Town.

  1. Committee reviewed file for after-the-fact conditional use permit application, CU-12-13, for the placing of approximately 800 cu. yds. of fill located in the Town of Waukechon. Motion by Gene Hoppe, second by Steve Gueths to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 AM and travel to W6930 Meadow Lane and conduct on-site inspection. This request is to be heard at the November 6, 2013 Planning, Development and Zoning Committee public hearing. The Committee returned to the Shawano County Courthouse at 10:25 AM.

Respectively submitted by,

Robert Jacobson, Acting Secretary