Commission on Aging

March 27, 2012

Members present: Frank Wozniak, John Granchay, Rosetta Stern, Herb Tauchen, Dr. Tom Thomas, Steve Gueths, T. L. Christen, Marianne Phalen, Bonnie Weyers, Pam Anderson, LuAnn Krajenka, Julie Vanderbilt, and Holly Konitzer.

Members excused: Bonnie Olson Absent: Stockbridge-Munsee representative and Rick Kane.

Location and Time: Fellman Center

607 E. Elizabeth Street, Lundmark Room - 9:00 a.m.

Shawano, Wisconsin 54166


Roll call was taken and noted that the open meeting notice was properly posted.


Approval of January 24, 2012 minutes. Wozniak made a motion to approve the January 24, 2012 minutes; Granchay seconded the motion. All aye, motion carried.


Public comment. None.


Adoption of Agenda. Granchay made a motion to adopt today's agenda, seconded by Thomas. All aye, motion carried.


Benefit Specialist Report. Anderson reported on the Homestead Tax clinics that were held at various county meal sites and at the Fellman Center. Sandy Gutt volunteered and conducted clinics on the western end of Shawano County. There were 134 applications processed, with total benefits of $49,058.00. This came to an average benefit of $366.00. Anderson explained various scenarios that affect the benefit amount.


Deviation from the Agenda. No motion was voiced.


Interviewing Candidates for the Commission on Aging. Three applications were received from individuals living in the eastern district, and four persons from the central district applied for the upcoming COA vacancies. The six who attended briefly described their background and qualifications as relates to the elderly population. They were: Tom Brunner, Donna Wiegand and John Brodhagen (eastern area) and J.P. Drengler, Fred Pape and Margaret Ready (central area). Tom Grover did not appear in person. All seven candidates had excellent qualifications, and letters will be mailed, possibly suggesting other volunteer opportunities for the Aging Unit, to those not selected for the open positions.


Request to go into closed session pursuant to 19.85(1) of the Wisconsin State Statutes for the purpose of selecting COA members. Wozniak made a motion to go into closed session, seconded by Gueths. Roll call was taken of Gueths, Stern, Tauchen, Granchay, Wozniak and Thomas, and the vote was unanimous to go into closed session. Gueths made a motion to go back into open session; seconded by Wozniak. Roll call was taken of Gueths, Stern, Tauchen, Granchay, Wozniak and Thomas, and the vote was unanimous to go back into open session. Written and signed ballots by voting members were collected and read by Konitzer. Tom Brunner received a majority of the votes for the eastern district and Tom Grover received a majority of the votes for the central district.



a. Nutrition Statistics. The 2011 year-end nutrition stats were distributed and discussed. The average donation for home-delivered meals was $2.34, more than $1.00 below the suggested donation of $3.50; for congregate meals, the average was $2.75, or $.25 below the suggested donation amount.

b. Approval of New Nutrition Council Members. At its last meeting, the Nutrition Council appointed the following: Bill Caulkins - Tigerton, Joy Christianson and Dorothy Owens, alternate - Shawano Civic Center. Other positions are reappointments of existing members. Granchay made a motion to approve the Nutrition Council appointments, as presented; seconded by Wozniak. All aye, motion carried.

c. 2012 Nutrition Program Suggested Donation. Konitzer explained that the Nutrition Council has suggested an increase of $.25 per meal in both nutrition areas. Discussion took place. Consideration of an increase was tabled until later in the year, when nutrition bids will be accepted for a new food contract.

d. May is Older American's Month Resolution. A resolution has been drafted and will be presented to the County Board at its April 17, 2012 meeting, to recognize May as Older American's Month. This year's theme is “Never Too Old to Play.” Konitzer pointed out that 7708 hours of volunteer time support Shawano County's elderly programs. Gueths made a motion to forward this resolution to the County Board for approval, seconded by Thomas. All aye, motion carried.

e. Living Treasures. Once again, the Living Treasures program will be held after the May 2012 Commission on Aging meeting. Advertising has been completed. A list of names of prior “Living Treasures” recipients was distributed to commission members, as well as applications, which are due back in the office on April 13, 2012. Wozniak, Stern, Phalen and Thomas will serve on a selection committee and will meet at the Fellman Center on Monday, April 16, 2012 at 9:00 am. Olson will be notified of the date, as she has expressed interest in serving on this committee.


Transportation report.

a. Driver Escort Report. There are 18 volunteer drivers, not all of whom actively drive. Gene Mehlberg of the Cloverleaf Lakes area, recently withdrew from the program. He had been with the program since 2005.

b. 85.21 Annual Report. Konitzer presented information and statistics on the 85.21 report for 2011.

c. Transportation Coordination with Menominee Tribal Transit. Jamie Perez of Menominee DOTS stated things are going well with the bus transportation since DOTS has managed the program since January 30, 2011. Some new riders in new areas are being transported. The larger GMC bus is being used for most of the transportation, and two shopping trips have taken place. Weyers and Konitzer will meet with Shawn Klemens and Jamie Perez on April 11, 2012, to review the bus program.

A grant with Dept. of Community Programs has been completed. It is a competitive grant for the acquisition of a new bus to replace the 2006 Ford “White Lightning.”


Aging Unit Director Report.

a. ADRC Update. Brochures of the newly established ADRC of the Wolf River Region were distributed. No date for the open house has yet been announced.

b. Title III-D Plan Amendment. The Title III-D grant guidelines have recently been changed so that the funds must be used for evidence based prevention programs. Our plan amendment states we will provide “Living Well with Chronic Conditions” and the “Stepping On” programs and fund them with Title III-D money. The “Living Well with Chronic Conditions” classes will run on Tuesdays, April 24 through May 29, 2012. The “Stepping On” program focusing on falls prevention will also run on Tuesdays, April 10 through May 22, 2012. Gueths made a motion to approve the plan amendment; seconded by John Granchay. All aye, motion carried.

c. 2013-2015 County Plan on Aging. Weyers emphasized the need for input from COA members and the aging public to formulate issues for the upcoming county aging plan before budget work begins. Granchay, Gueths and Thomas agreed to serve on the focus group and will meet on May 3, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. at the Fellman Center. Information gathered on topic areas need to be forwarded to Weyers before that meeting.

d. GWAAR Update. A task force is looking at the meal programs and how interest in congregate sites can be generated. Carrie Porter of GWAAR serves on a Logisticare committee for issues related to MA transportation. Statewide, the MIPPA outreach grant has saved $51 million for the population it has served. Wisconsin Dells will be the location of a network conference to be held in September 2012. A caregiver coalition advisory group has been formed, and Shawano County is one of four counties involved. The contract with CWAG for benefit specialist legal services has been terminated effective March 31, 2012. GWAAR will provide legal services beginning April 1, 2012.

e. Advocacy. A CWAG training for volunteers to spot Medicare fraud will take place on April 17, 2012 in Marinette. A three-day training for senior statesman will be held April 30 through May 2. Cost is $150.00. The ID required voting law has been placed on hold.


District Representatives and AARP Reports.

Advisory Committee. Wozniak reported that the committee met in September 2011. Twelve people from Milwaukee up to Superior are members. Guest speakers appeared. Handouts were offered. An ombudsman/advocacy training will be held in Madison on April 25 and 26, 2012.

AARP: Card parties have been held in January, February and March, with March having the highest attendance. A circuit judge candidate, suicide prevention advocate and Civil Air Patrol member have attended as guest speakers. Chapter 186 is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Two $500.00 scholarships will be awarded in June 2012. Chapter officers have been appointed.

Western District. Things are going well. A county supervisor candidate will speak at the meal site before the April 3, 2012 election.

Member at Large: No report.

City: No report.

DCP: No report.

East: No report.

Central: No report.


Per Diem Approval. Gueths made a motion to approve today's per diem payment, the Nutrition Council meeting of March 7, and the City/County Transportation Committee meeting on February 16, 2012; seconded by Wozniak. All aye, motion carried.


Next Meeting Date. The next commission meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 22, 2012. The Living Treasures program will then follow at 11:00 a.m. The nutrition program will receive bids this summer for the next contract. The bids will be opened at the August commission meeting. The Nutrition Council will then review the bids, which will come back to the COA for final approval at the October meeting, which will take the place of a September meeting. The bid award will then be made at the Social Services Board meeting in October 2012.


Adjourn. Granchay made a motion to adjourn this meeting, seconded by Wozniak. All aye, motion carried. The meeting was adjourned.

John Granchay, Secretary


Shawano County Commission on Aging

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March 27, 2012