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2013 Shawano County Comprehensive Plan
  • 2013 Shawano County Comprehensive Plan Update - Download

  • Map 1 Juristictional Boundaries - Download

  • Map 2 Regional Influences - Download

  • Map 3 Landscape Character - Download

  • Map 4 Agricultural Soils (from 2009 comp plan) - Download

  • Map 4 Agricultural Soils - Download

  • Map 5 Natural Features - Download

  • Map 6 Existing Land Use - Download

  • Map 8 Transportation and Community Facilities - Download

  • Map 9 Septic Soils - Download

Alarm Permits and Ordinances
Annual Reports
  • Application for Child Support Services - Download


    Navigate to and download the applicaton that applies.

    If you will be applying for any State Aid programs (Child Care, Food Stamps, Badger Care, Medical Assistance, W-2 etc) in the near future, please do so first and then apply for child support.

    If a Paternity Judgment or Divorce has taken place in another county, that county has jurisdiction over your case. You should apply for services in that county.

    If no county has started a court action to obtain a child support order or establish paternity, the child support agency where the child resides generally is responsible for providing all appropriate child support services.

Application for copies
  • Birth Application for Certified Copies - Download

  • Death Application for Certified Copies - Download

  • Declaration of Domestic Partnership - Application for Copies - Download
    Application to request a certified copy of the Declartion of Domestic Partnership

  • Marriage Application for Certified Copies - Download
    This form is for after you have been married in Shawano County. To apply for a Marriage License contact the County Clerks Office at 715-526-9150.

  • Termination of Domestic Partnership Application for Certified Copies - Download

Civil Rights Compliance
  • Civil Rights Compliance Letter of Assurance 1-1-18 to 12-31-21 - Download

  • Civil Rights Compliance Plan 1-1-18 to 12-31-21 - Download

  • Acceptance of Privacy Practices - Download

  • Application for Satisfaction Due to Discharge in Bankruptcy - Download
    This form is required when a debt is discharged in Bankruptcy Court to satisfy the judgment in Circuit Court.

  • Community Video Project Letter - Download

  • Complaint on Equal Employment - Download

  • Confidential Information Release Authorization - Download

  • CS Debit Card Expire - Download

  • Direct Deposit Form - Download

  • Equal Opportunity Policy - Download

  • GIS Data Disclaimer and Order Forms - Download
    To order Shawano County Digital GIS data, you must fill out and sign the data disclaimer and the appropriate order form(s). Mail the completed forms with payment to (Payable to - Shawano County Treasurer).

  • Guardian's Application for Child Support Services - Download

  • Human Services Implementation Plan - Download

  • Language Access Plan for Shawano County - Download
    The purpose of this plan is to establish effective guidelines consistent with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 13166 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

  • Motion to Reopen Judgment-TR & FO cases - Download

  • Municipal Treasurer - Download

  • Notice of Privacy Practices - Download

  • Not guilty plea for traffic & forfeitures - Download

  • Order to Amend Judgement for Support/Maintenance/Custody/Placement - Download

  • Payment Plan Application - Download
    Payment plan is allowed for fines and court costs totalling $275 or more.
    Application for Deferred Payment Plan, must be filled out and turned in within 7 days of sentencing or within 7 days of release from jail.  An application fee of $10 applies to all payment plan applications. 

  • Pay by Phone - Download

  • Petition for 1/2 priced Ignition Interlock Device(IID) - Download

  • Petition for IID Exemption - Download

  • Service Delivery Discrimination Complaint Form - Download

  • Shawano County Process Servers - Download

  • Sheriff's Sale: Eligible Third-Party Bidder Affidavit - Download
    Any party interested in bidding on a Sheriff's Sale property MUST fill out the Eligible Third -Party Bidder Affidavit, have it notarized and present to the auctioneer at the Sheriff's sale prior to the start of the auction.

  • Summary of 2021 Aggregate Ratios For Shawano County - Download

  • Voluntary Affirmative Action Information - Download

General Interest
  • ACJOB - Download

  • Alert form - Download

  • Application for Family Support - Download

  • Application for the Children's Community Options Program - Download
    The download: Application for Children's Community Options Program will be the tool that will determine the eligibility of the person in need of services. It will be very important to fill this application out clearly, thoroughly, and with accuracy.
    If you have any questions, please call: Katie Gebhardt, The Children's Community Options Program Coordinator at 715-524-6867.

  • ATV Ordinance - Download

  • ATV Route Application - Download

  • Axle Configuration for Spring Weight Restrictions - Download

  • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System - Download
    Results of 2008 telephone survey conducted by the St. Norbert College Survey Center that gathered information on the health practices and health-related behavioral risks of residents of Shawano County.

  • Bridge/Culvert Aid Application - Download

  • Combine Parcel Form - Download

  • Community Support Program (CSP) Referral Form - Download
    If you have quesitons, please contact: Jeff Herman, Community Program Support Program Supervisor, at 715-524-6836.
    This form needs to be downloaded to your computer and opened with Adobe Reader.

  • Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) Referral Form - Download
    If you have questions, please contact: Katie Bartell, Comprehensive Community Services Director, at 715-524-6871.

  • Conservation Practice Cost-Share Application - Download

  • County Highway Access Policy - Download

  • County Trunk Highways Posted for Weight Restrictions - Download

  • COVID19 - Remote Court Hearings - Exemptions - Download

  • Driveway / work on right-of-way Permit - Download

  • Drug Court Referral Form - Download

  • Drug Treatment Court Brochure - Download

  • Farmers' Market Voucher - Download

  • Health of the Children Shawano and Menominee Counties 2012 - Download
    Maternal Child Health Assessment 2012

  • Instructions to search Shawano County Plat of Survey Index - Download

  • Lakeland Brochure - Download

  • Lakeland Industries Recycling Aluminum Cans - Download

  • Livestock Facilities Licensing Application - Download

  • Livestock Waste Management Permit Application - Download

  • Mailbox Ordinance Certification - Download

  • Mailbox Placement - Download

  • Meeting Room Policy - Download

  • Ordinances and Service Fee Schedule - Download
    Effective 1-1-22 the following permit fees will increase. Click here for the list.

  • Ordinances and Service Fee Schedule - Download

  • Oversize / Overweight Single Trip Application - Download

  • Permit for AG CMV - Download

  • Permit for IOH - Download

  • Revised Town Land Use Recommendation Sheet - Download

  • Road Construction PLSS Request Form - Download

  • Rules of the County Board Supervisors 2020-2022 - Download

  • Shawano - Menominee AODA Discussion Guide - Download

  • Shawano County Certified Survey Map Checklist - Download

  • Shawano County Land Records Modernization Plan 2019-2022 - Download
    Land Records Modernization plan for a three year periond starting in 2019.

  • Shawano County Prevention Guide for Manure Spills & Runoff - Download

  • Shawano County Response Guide for Manure Spills & Runoff - Download

  • Signs Prohibited from Highway Right of Ways - Download

  • Snow Plowing Season News Release - Download

  • Spring Weight Limit Permit Application - Download

  • Surveyor List - Download

  • Tentative Redistricting Plan - Download

  • Title VI Information - Download

  • Title VI Information - Download

  • Utility Permit - Download

  • Utility Relocation Ordinance - Download

  • WCHA Utility Policy - Download

  • Wisconsin Statutes: Chapter 250 - Download
    Health; Administration and Supervision

  • Wisconsin Statutes: Chapter 252 - Download
    Communicable Diseases

  • HIPAA Policy - Download




Human Services
  • Shawano County Summer Recreation Map - Download

  • Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan 2020-2024 - Download

  • Forest Stewardship Management Plan - Download
    The Shawano County Forest Stewardship Management Plan identifies objectives to manage forested land owned by Shawano County. The 25 year plan, adopted in 2013, provides recommendations for managing County forest lands and associated resources. The Shawano County Land Conservation Committee has primary oversight of plan implementation.

  • Invasive Species Strategic Management Plan - Download
    The Shawano County Invasive Species Strategic Management Plan, adopted in 2013, outlines approaches and supporting tasks that can be used to prevent the spread of invasive species. This is the initial step in establishing a county‐wide approach to coordinate the prevention, control and possible elimination of certain invasive species within Shawano County.

  • Land & Water Resource Management Plan Feb. 2016 - Download
    The Shawano County Land and Water Resource Management (LWRM) Plan identifies how, when and where the Shawano County Land Conservation Department will implement the State Agriculture Performance Standards. All agricultural land must comply with these standards. Landowners may be eligible for cost share for implementation.

Shawano County Comprehensive Plan 2009
  • Final Adopted Plan - Download

  • Map 1 Jurisdictional Boundaries - Download

  • Map 3 Landscape Character - Download

  • Map 4 Soil Suitability for Agriculture - Download

  • Map 5 Natural Features - Download

  • Map 6 Existing Land Use Map - Download

  • Map 7A Eastern Cluster Future Land Use Map - Download

  • Map 7B Central Cluster Future Land Use Map - Download

  • Map 7C Western Cluster Future Land Use Map - Download

  • Map 8 Transportation and Community Facilities - Download

  • Map 9 Soil Suitability for On Site Waste Water Treatment Map - Download

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