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The Shawano County K9 Unit is a specialized unit within the Sheriff's department that functions because of donations from the Shawano community.
K9 Rekon has been in service since December 2016 and works with Deputy Craig Rekoske.
K9 Arres has been in service since April 2017 and works with Deputy Brady Sinotte.
The donations fund specialized training, equipment, and food.
Both K9 Arres and K9 Rekon are trained to: detect illegal narcotics; track individuals that have fled from law enforcement, as well as lost individuals; detect discarded evidence; and protect their handlers and other law enforcement personnel.
This program is essential to the patrol division as well as investigations assisting on traffic stops and large scale narcotic manufacturing.

For more information on the Shawano County K9 Unit and to find out how you can help the program, visit the Supporters of Shawano K9's website at

Contact:  Craig Rekoske
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