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1. Can I drop property off for someone in Jail?

No, property may not be dropped off for an inmate, except for personal items such as eyeglasses or medications. These exceptions are at the discretion of the Shift Sergeant/OIC. Money for an inmate may be placed into their account at any time online or at the Jail Lobby.
Go to: to make an online deposit.
If picking up property from an inmate, the inmate in question must voluntarily sign over the property to any individual. Property can be picked up, with proper ID, at any time.

2. Can inmates make telephone calls?

After admission to the jail, and following the booking process, inmates may receive at least one telephone call. Telephones are available in each housing pod. Housing pod telephones are turned on after the daily cleaning has been completed to the satisfaction of the correctional officer and will be turned off each evening at 10:30 p.m.

3. Do inmates receive haircuts?

Inmates may receive a haircut by submitting a request. Haircuts are provided by a professional barber/stylist. The availability of the barber/stylist is subject to change based on the inmate demand for services. Further, the cost of the professional hair care will be deducted from the inmate's money account. Haircuts are $12.00, beard trim $4.00, and shave $6.00.

4. How do inmates send/receive mail?

Inmates sending letters which have the proper postage and complete forwarding address, are to be turned over to a correctional officer at lock-down. Each morning, collected outgoing mail is forwarded to a US Postal Service receptacle (mailbox). Once each day, excluding Sundays or National Holidays, inmate mail delivered to the jail is distributed at the earliest opportunity. All mail items are opened, searched and inspected in the presence of the inmate addressee. Contraband will be confiscated. The mailing address of the Shawano County Jail complex is:

(Inmate Name)
c/o Shawano County Jail
405 N. Main Street
Shawano, WI 54166

Other regulations germane to mail are: all stamps & stickers will be removed at delivery; only non-Polaroid pictures will be accepted; and, only soft cover books and/or magazines will be accepted and must be mailed via book store or publisher. Cash is not to be sent through the mail.

5. What type of Court and Legal Representation is afforded an inmate?

If, after admission and processing into the jail an inmate is unable to post bond, pay a fine or otherwise secure their release, they will be assigned to a receiving cell or housing pod. As applicable, on the next available court date, they will be arraigned (initial confinement court appearance). This court appearance normally takes place at 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, however, at the discretion of the court, this time may vary.
Prior to the initial court appearance, if they have their own attorney, they will be afforded the opportunity to contact him/her by telephone upon the completion of the booking process. For those who do not have an attorney or cannot afford one, the Office of the State Public Defender,, may represent them in court. Each business day, (Monday through Friday), a representative of the Public Defender's Office will interview all inmates that have been admitted to the jail within the last 24 hours on state traffic and criminal charges. The representative will determine if any of the aforementioned inmates are eligible for representation by the Public Defender's Office. The cost for representation by a Public Defender is based upon the inmates ability to pay.
All inmates regardless of charge or circumstance are placed in restraints for each court appearance. Inmate assigned to a housing pod will appear for court in their jail uniform. Street clothing may only be worn when ordered by the court. Inmates assigned to a receiving cell prior to their initial court appearance may wear street clothes provided they are in an acceptable condition.
During the court appearance, conditions for release may be met. If the release is approved, it will be effected as staffing and priorities permit. If the release has been ordered, but the inmate is "wanted" by another jurisdiction or agency, the agency will be notified that the inmate is available and the inmate will be detained until the agency arrives for transport or until all release conditions, (i.e. bail, sentence, etc.), has been satisfied.

6. What type of hygiene supplies and exchanges do the inmates receive?

At admission to the Shawano County Jail inmates are issued: 1 jail uniform; 1 sheet; 1 towel; 1 face cloth; 1 set of jail sandals; 1 blanket; 1 mattress; and 1 mattress cover. Sheets, towels, face cloths, mattress covers and uniforms will be exchanged for clean ones two times per week. Blankets will be exchanged at the direction of correctional staff. If for any reason you need an item exchanged before the scheduled time, clean items will be issued at the discretion of correctional staff. Exchange requests are to be made to a correctional officer. Further, each inmate receives hygiene items which consist of: 1 toothbrush; 1 tube of toothpaste; 1 comb; and, 1 cake of soap.

7. Can I leave a message for an Inmate?

We do not accept telephone messages for prisoners. If you have an emergency message, (death in the family, major illness) which can be verified, we will make every attempt to pass the message on.

8. How do I bail someone out of jail?

If posting with cash, you can post bail at any Sheriff’s Office in the state. However, if you choose to post with a credit card, you must do so at the Shawano County Jail, or Clerk of Courts Office. A transaction fee is added to the bond amount for credit card bonds.

9. How do I visit an inmate?

Visitation is via video link through Visitation is direct to the inmate in a common area within their housing area. Persons (18 years of age or older) wishing to video visit may set up an account and video visit from any device remotely. There is a fee for remote video visitation. In person visitation is now also accomplished via video from the Jail visitation area, there is no charge for visitation from the Jail area. Visitation hours at the Jail are listed below. Inmates are allowed (1) -15 minute visit per day.

Visitation day/times:

Monday - Friday Nights: 6:00pm – 8:50pm
Saturday Afternoons: 1:00pm - 4:20pm
Saturday Nights: 6:00pm – 8:50pm
Sunday Afternoons: 1:00pm – 4:20pm