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Mission and Value Statement


We value Human Life and Dignity
  • giving priority first to conditions that threaten either;
  • always acting accordingly to protect both;
  • exercising authority with compassion and consideration.
As the foundation of public trust - we value Integrity. Honest and consistent in our beliefs and actions, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of conduct and service.

Because we are professionals - we value Excellence. By making the most of the resources we seek and are provided - we do our best. We are open to, and actively seek, realistic, contemporary approaches to better serve our customers by providing our staff with the training and tools necessary to meet and exceed expectations.

Recognizing that keeping the peace requires a community - we value Partnerships. While our staff has many individual responsibilities, we work as a team. Understanding that it takes a unified effort to achieve our goals and objectives, we rely on community cooperation, support, and collaboration to maintain the quality of life we enjoy and cherish.


Our vision is one of a cohesive community - continuously striving to move forward. We meet challenges with innovation; problems with solutions; and adversity with unity. Success, though not solely measured by a visible police presence, is a relevant factor, coupled with the quality of the peace that is kept.


Maintain a safe and orderly environment for people of Shawano County through law enforcement and crime prevention activities delivered in a timely, professional and courteous manner.