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The Shawano County Sheriff's Department is the sole dispatch center for the County. The Department dispatches for the City of Shawano; Shawano County; Stockbridge-Munsee deputies and the Villages of: Bonduel, Wittenberg, Tigerton, Mattoon, Birnamwood, Aniwa, Gresham and Cecil.

In addition to Law Enforcement dispatching, the Department also dispatches for a total of 36 other emergency services such as Fire, EMS and Ambulance units.

The center consists of 4 dispatch consoles - - 2 for County dispatching and 1 for City dispatching and 1 for special events. Each dispatch console is set up identically with:
  • One-button-paging
  • Enhanced 911 display
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD)
  • Law Enforcement records system
  • Transaction Information of Management of Enforcement (TIME) System
  • Internet
The dispatch center operates with a staff of 16 full-time Dispatchers. This provides Shawano County with 3 on-duty Dispatchers, 24-hours-per-day, 7-days-per-week.
  • For emergencies, only, dial 911
  • For non-emergencies dial 715-526-3111
  • If you are hearing-impaired or do not have speech capabilities dial 715-526-4999 and/or 911
See the Sheriff's Department homepage for toll-free numbers.