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Establish a support order

Establishing a child support order or order for insurance coverage can be done through an action to compel the non-custodial parent to pay support or through stipulation, (a written agreement) which becomes the order of the court. When determining the amount a payer should pay the child support agency refers to the Percentage of Income Standard. This provides the specialist with a guideline to go by.

17% for one child
25% for two children
29% for three children
31% for for children
34% for five or more children

The child support agency will use the percentage of gross income that fits the needs of the case to find a sum figure. The order will be set to reflect the percentage but is stated in a dollar amount

When the child support agency receives an application or a referral from the State of Wisconsin the case is assessed to determine jurisdiction. Once jurisdiction is established then the appropriate court documents are produced, a hearing date is set and the non-custodial parent is served. At this stage if the non-custodial parent wishes to work with the agency and provide documentation of income and stipulate, the process of establishment is complete. If efforts to stipulate fail then the action is heard by the Court to establish an Order for support.
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