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Modify an existing support order

Federal regulations require child support agencies to review/adjust cases at least once every 3 years (33 months). Orders may be adjusted more frequently under certain circumstances such as a substantial changes in the income or if the child is emancipated. Generally this is up to the agency to decide if a review is substantial. One factor is that if the change is less than $40.00 per month or less than 10% of the child support obligation a review will not be done. Custodial Parents may contact the child support agency to request a review. At that time a Right to Review Notice will be sent out and the party must return the form before a review is conducted. The agency will collect income information from the employer and/or the payer's tax return to determine if they are paying the percentage standard guidelines. The payer and the party receiving child support can agree to the appropriate support amount and sign a stipulation to the fact. If the parties do not agree then the matter may be scheduled for court to have the child support amount adjusted. If either parties want to request a review and the child support agency decides not to review it or is unable to review, the parties may request paperwork to bring this action before court on their own. Once the matter is stipulated to or in court for an adjustment, the new order will be entered in the computer system. The employer will be notified of the change or the payer if he is self-employed. The parties will also receive a copy of the order.
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