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Community Health Improvement

A Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is a long-term, strategic plan to address public health issues highlighted in a community health assessment (CHA). While Wisconsin State Statutes require local health departments to assess community health needs and develop improvement plans, this process is truly community-driven. Health departments and their partners can consider a range of policy, systems, and environmental changes aimed at creating conditions in which all residents have the opportunity to be healthy (Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB), 2022).

Shawano-Menominee Counties’ Process

In Shawano and Menominee Counties, the CHA and CHIP are collaborative efforts between the health department, healthcare partners, Tribal partners, non-profit organizations, human service agencies, and community members among others. The Community Health Improvement Planning Process is a 5-year cycle to determine which strategies can best leverage assets and address health needs in Shawano and Menominee Counties. The CHIP in Shawano and Menominee Counties is known as Shawano-Menominee Healthy Communities (SMHC).

The process includes two major parts:

  1. Community Health Assessment (CHA) - The SMHC Steering Committee conducts large online and paper surveys, focus groups, and key stakeholder interviews. We use this important qualitative data and pair it with local, county, and state-level data to identify the greatest health needs and assets and prioritize health issues to address in Shawano and Menominee Counties. At a Community Health Meeting in January 2020, participants from the community voted on the following health priorities to focus on in the 2020-2024 SMHC Community Health Improvement Plan: 
  1. Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) - With the oversight of the SMHC Steering Committee Action Teams create action plans with goals and objectives around the top health priorities identified through the CHA. These action plans help partners see where they could best use their resources to accomplish the work.

A Vision for an Engaged, Equitable, and Healthy Community

Shawano-Menominee Healthy Communities (SMHC) envisions a community where the health of all people is valued and supported through the engagement of individuals, families, and organizations with a commitment to eliminate disparities.  A community supported by a strong local public health system promotes an environment of holistic well-being with a trauma-sensitive approach.

SMHC Values

A community where friends, families, agencies, and groups support all residents to live safe, happy, and healthy lives.

  • A community where all residents have access to quality and affordable services that support physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being. 
  • A community where all residents have easy access to healthy food and healthy environments that support daily living. 
Engaged Community:
A hard-working community where members are involved in decision-making and community outcomes.

Respect: An honest and caring community environment where understanding and respect of cultural differences enhances the community and each resident has the opportunity to be included and live their life to the fullest with a fair opportunity for all.

Data - 

Mental Health

Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse

Chronic Disease (with a Healthy Nutrition and Access Lens)


Evaluation -

The following report highlights the progress of the three CHIP Action Teams through December 2022:

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