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Timber Cutting Permits

Per Wisconsin State Statute 26.03, Harvest of raw forest products. 1(m) Harvesting upon notificaton. Unless otherwise authorized to do so by the County, no person may harvest any raw forest products or direct the harvesting of any raw forest products, from any land until 14 days after the Clerk of the County in which the land is located is notified of the person's proposal to harvest.

Effective May 1, 2007, the County Clerk's office will only accept timber cutting permits from land owners or by a letter signed by the land owner/s that is sent along with the logger. Persons desiring a cutting permit may also stop in the County Clerk's Office and a staff member will fill out a cutting permit for the landowner or logger. A copy of the permit is then mailed to the town chairman where the land is located, the county treasurer so that they may determine if the taxes on the land have been paid, and a copy is also to the DNR forester.

Each time the person notifies the County, they shall describe the land upon which the harvesting will occur by quarter-quarter section, government lot, or fractional lot. Before any person cuts, or causes to be cut any logs, piling, poles, posts, pulpwood, Christmas trees, or other forest products, except fuel wood for personal home consumption in any forest or wild land area, the person shall pay all delinquent taxes on the land and each year shall mail a notice giving his or her name and address and listing all the lands upon which cutting is to be done.

No purchaser of Indian reservation land or land to be placed upon the tax roll for the first time shall cut any timber from such land without first recording with the Register of Deeds for the county in which such land is located.

Penalties - Any person who violates this section shall forfeit not more than $50.00.
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