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Hunting & Fishing Licenses

The Shawano County Clerk's Office is an authorized license agent for the Department of Natural Resources. We are able to sell approximately 98% of all licenses and permits. Collector Stamps are available at DNR Service Centers only, with the exception of the Shawano DNR office. Following is a list of licenses and prices

All annual licenses are valid from April 1 through March 31

Resident Patron License $165.00
Duplicate Patron (no tag) $12.00
Duplicate Patron (tag) $15.00

Junior Conservation Patron $75.00
Ages 12 - 17

Resident Sports License $60.00
(includes Deer Gun, Fishing & Small Game)
Duplicate Sports (no tag) $12.00
Duplicate Sports (tag) $15.00

Junior Sports License $35.00

Resident Small Game $18.00
Senior Citizen Small Game $9.00
Junior Small Game $9.00
Duplicate Small Game $10.00

Resident Deer (ages 18+) $24.00
Duplicate Deer (no tag) $12.00
Duplicate Deer (tag) $15.00
Junior Deer Gun (ages 12 - 17) $20.00

Resident Bear-Class B / Pursuit Permit (tag) $14.00

Resident Archer $24.00
Duplicate Archer (tag) $15.00
Duplicate Archer (no tag) $12.00
Junior Archer (ages 12 - 17) $20.00

Resident Fall Turkey - License and Stamp $20.25 ($15.00 if current year stamp on file)
Resident Spring Turkey - license and stamp $20.25

Trapping $20.00

Resident Fishing License - $20.00
Residents who are 16 years old or older need a fishing license to fish in any waters of the state.

Resident Reduced Fee Fishing - $7.00
Available for anglers 16 and 17 years of age and anglers 65 years of age and older. Residents born before January 1, 1927 do not need a fishing license -- simply carry proof of age when fishing.

Disabled Resident Fishing - $7.00
Anglers must provide proof they are receiving Social Security Disability Benefits, Railroad Retirement or Veteran's disability compensation (70%)

Resident Husband & Wife Fishing - $31.00
Issued to a legally married husband and wife who meet residency requirements. Only one party must be present to purchase license.

Two-day Great Lakes Fishing - $14.00
Valid for fishing Great Lakes waters and Great Lakes tributary streams up to the first dam or lake plus additional reaches beyond the first barrier on several specifically designated streams defined as "Outlying Trout and Salmon Waters". No Great Lakes trout and salmon stamp required.

Disabled Veteran Resident Fishing - $3.00
Residents who are receiving benefits from the Veteran's Administration for a service or non-service related disability of more than 70%. Verification for eligibility is required.

Military Fish/Small Game - FREE
Free annual resident armed forces fishing license for members of the U.S. armed forces who exhibit proof that they are in active service with the armed forces and that they are a resident on furlough or leave.

Duplicate Fishing License (all) - $10.00

Annual Inland Trout Stamp
- $10.00
Required in addition to a fishing license for inland trout fishing.
Annual Great Lakes Trout & Salmon Stamp - $10.00
Required in addition to a fishing license for Great Lakes trout and salmon fishing.

Resident Conservation Patron License Privileges & Fees
The Conservation Patron License is for the avid sportsperson. This license offers 25 different privileges, including licenses, stamps, applications, park admission, and more -- over $88.00 savings to you!
Resident Patron License $165.00
Junior Patron License (ages 12 - 17) $75.00
Duplicate Patron (no tag) $13.00
Duplicate Patron (tag) $10.00

What's Included in the Patron License?:
Annual Fishing License
Archery License
Crossbow License Upgrade
Early Goose Permit (upon request)
Exterior Goose application (upon request) or Horicon Zone Goose Permit
Fall Turkey Application
Fall Turkey License and Stamp (permit required)
Fisher Application
Great Lakes Trout and Salmon Stamp
Gun Deer Hunting License
Inland Trout Stamp
Otter Application
Pheasant Stamp
Spring Turkey Application
Spring Turkey License and Stamp (permit required)
State Park Sticker
State Park Trail Pass
Sturgeon Hook and Line Inland
Sturgeon Hook and Line WI-MI
Small Game License
Trapping License
Waterfowl Stamp

Admission to Heritage Hill State Park
Subscription to Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine

If privileges listed above were purchased separately, the total cost would be $323.22.

What's Not Included:
Bear Application
Bobcat Application
Bonus Deer Permits
Class "A" Bear License
Class "B" Bear License
Elk Application
Federal Migratory Stamp
Sturgeon Spearing License
Sturgeon Spearing Upriver Application
Sharp-Tailed Grouse Application
Spring Turkey Left-Over Permits
Wolf Harvest Application
Wolf License
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