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General Information

Department of Workforce Development Child Support Program

Establish paternity for child born out of wedlock. Establish, monitor, enforce and revise child support orders. Establish health insurance order for minor children.

Spousal Support or Maintenance
Our agency does not provide any service on these cases. Contact your attorney for assistance.

Child Support Orders
If parents are not residing together, the child support agency will start a court action to establish a support order. Only a court may set or change a support order. Wisconsin courts use guidelines in the Child Support Percentage of Income Standard for setting support amounts.

Changing a Child Support Order
If the parents income or the child’s living arrangements change, or one of the children in a case graduates, the child support order can be changed. Either parent can contact the Child Support Agency and complete a request for the support order to be reviewed. Both parents will be asked to provide current financial information for the review. If the Child Support Agency reviews the order, they will mail the results to both parents. If the parties agree, a stipulation can be prepared to change the order. If an agreement is not reached, court action will be scheduled.

Delinquency Letters
The State Bureau of Child Support has begun sending out automated “Enforcement Warning Letters.” A series of three (3) letters (on each delinquent case) will be sent to the child support payers who are behind in their child support payments. Letters will include a statement of account that includes the amount of the current support due that month, plus any past due child support. Coupons are included for the payer to mail in payments.
These letters are not generated by the County Child Support worker. The letter is not signed by the caseworker. These letters are being sent out regardless if the payer is in jail or prison, regardless if there is already a contempt court action in progress, or if the respondent has been working with their caseworker.

If a person is brought into court because our agency is requesting they be found in contempt, they are advised of their right to counsel at the first hearing. If they want a Public Defender or want to hire an attorney, their case is adjourned to another date to allow the attorney to be present in court.
At the initial hearing, evidence is presented regarding the amount of the current support order, arrearage amount, date of last payment. Testimony is often taken from the respondent. If the Judge finds the person in contempt, they are given purge conditions which must be met to stay out of jail and a review hearing is scheduled. Purge conditions may include making the current support payment, an arrears payment, paying service fee and/or work search. At the review hearing, the Judge decides if the person has met the purge condition or if they are sentenced to jail. Jail sentences range between 30 days to 6 months depending if the person has been found in contempt previously.

If the court issues a warrant or commitment order, a copy is sent to the Sheriff’s Department to be entered in their computer system. The warrant gives law enforcement officers the authority to arrest a person.

Phone Calls
If you have new information on your case (employment or address changes for the payer) please call and leave that information on the worker’s voice mail.
Workers are assigned based upon the last name of the payer.
Call: 715-526-2190
A – FIM ► Kim Gast
FIN – MEN ► William Mott Jr.
MEO – Z ► Trey Lesatz
Paternity & NIVD ► Courtney Windorski
Child Support Administrator ► Courtney Windorski

Because of the volume of phone calls workers receive, they will not return your call unless they have additional questions regarding your message. They will update the case and take any actions that are necessary. If you have a specific question please leave it on the voice mail message. That way we can respond to the question, either by leaving you a voice mail, or sending you information. Your worker is often not available as they attend child support hearings on Monday mornings. They also attend divorce and Family Court Commissioner hearings on other days during the week.
Make sure when you call you speak slowly and clearly. Provide your name and the name of the other party on your case, your pin number or social security number and phone number. Leave the reason for your call or the information you are providing. Do not leave multiple messages. Allow at least 2 days for a response, if a response from the worker is necessary.
If your case is being handled by another Child Support Agency, please contact that agency.

Debit Card
Payments automatically go on a debit card, which is sent to you when the first payment is received. 1-877-253-3686
If you complete a Direct Deposit form your payments are made to your checking or savings account. Having Direct Deposit eliminates lost or missing debit cards and charges made by the card company.

Custody and Physical Placement
Please keep in mind that matters of custody and placement (visitation) are separate from the financial support of children. Wisconsin’s Child Support Program has no authority to enforce custody and placement orders. If you wish to establish or change custody and placement, it can be done by both parents signing a stipulation. Disputes are handled through the Family Court Commissioner. You need to contact the Clerk of Court office to file paperwork to bring the action into court and obtain a court date.
You cannot deny court-ordered visitation because the other parent is not paying court-ordered child support. Likewise, the other parent may not withhold court-ordered child support payments because they have been denied placement.
This is to prevent the children from being penalized due to disagreements between the parents.

If you are concerned about safety issues or the environment at the other parent’s home, you should contact your local social services department. Those agencies are responsible for investigating suspected child abuse or neglect cases. Shawano County Social Services can be reached at 715-526-4700 or contact the Shawano County Sheriff Dept at 715-526-3111.

Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement
Paternity can be established by the parents signing (in front of a notary) a Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement form. The parties signing the form must be at least 18 years of age. The form may not be used if the mother was married at the time the child was conceived or born, unless there is a court order stating that the husband is not the father of the child. DO NOT SIGN THE FORM if either party is not completely sure who the biological father is. Contact child support, complete an application and the agency will commence a paternity action through which genetic tests can be arranged. The Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement forms are available at the Child Support office and the hospital has them available at the time the child is born. Forms are sent to the Vital Records office in Madison with a $10.00 check or money order.

Signing and filing this form makes the man the legal father of the child, and places his name on the birth certificate as the father. This form does not give the father legal custody (the legal right to make decisions for the child) or physical placement (visitation or where the child resides). If the father wants to share the legal rights to custody and placement, he will need a court order.

Paternity Establishment
If the Voluntary Paternity is not being signed, a paternity court action can be started to establish paternity. An Initial Appearance is scheduled in front of the Judge. (Included in the court papers, is a Court Options paper, which the respondent can complete and return to request genetic tests. This will allow the initial appearance to be cancelled.) At the initial appearance hearing, the respondent (possible father) can admit he is the father or request genetic tests. If there are 2 or more possible fathers, genetic tests are automatically requested by the Child Support Agency. Genetic tests are scheduled and done in the Child Support Agency. (Genetic tests cost $90.00 for 3 people.) The test results will either exclude a person as the possible father or the results will come back over 99%. If the possible father is excluded, the case involving him will be dismissed. If he is not excluded, a pre-trial will be scheduled. At this hearing, the court will make orders regarding child support, insurance, filing fees, birth expenses, repayment of genetic tests and custody and placement.
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