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The Mountain Bay Trail is an 83 mile trail from Rib Mountain to Green Bay. The Shawano County portion of the trail is 53 miles from Eland to Pulaski.

The WIOUWASH Trail is presently 20.9 miles long from Birnamwood to a mile and a half south of Split Rock, with access to Marion via County Road SS and S. The name, WIOUWASH, is derived from the first two letters of the counties through which it passes. WInnebago, OUtagamie, WAupaca, and SHawano.

Shawano County trail usage for the summer months is for biking, hiking, wheelchair, and horseback riding. In winter, trails are used by snowmobilers and all-terrain vehicles. Hikers/walkers do not need to purchase a pass for admittance on the trail. Snowmobilers do not need to purchase a pass either, their fee is included in their snowmobile registration. One exception is Non Resident Snowmobilers. A Non Resident Snowmobiler must purchase a $13.00 pass in order to go on any of the designated State trails. A Non Resident refers to Non Residents of the State of Wisconsin. These passes are available at all designated DNR agents. Anyone that sells hunting and fishing licenses has the capability of issuing a Non Resident Snowmobile Pass.

Daily and annual passes are available for purchase. They are valid for one calendar year. Daily passes are $5.00 per day. Annual passes are $25.00 per year.

Daily passes can be purchased on the trail at designated lock boxes. There are 13 boxes along the span of the trails. Annual passes are available at the County Clerk's Office along with designated businesses along the trail. Call the County Clerk's Office for a complete listing of agents and the locations or to obtain a map of the trail.
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