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Children’s Long Term Support (CLTS)
The CLTS Program supports children living in their home (some can be served until age 22) who have substantial limitations in multiple daily activities as a result of a developmental disability, physical disability or a severe emotional disturbance. The program can provide funding for services, such as respite care, daily living skills training or adaptive equipment. Children must meet functional and financial eligibility requirements and, in many cases, match funding from another source must be available in order to access the funds. Wisconsin’s 2017-19 biennial budget provided sufficient funding to eliminate the existing waiting list for CLTS services. Shawano County promptly eliminated their waiting list, serving 85 children and their families so far in 2018, including 22 new enrollments through the first nine months. Data from the State’s Bureau of Children’s Services reveals that Shawano County enrolls nearly twice as many potentially eligible children than the State average across Wisconsin’s entire 72 counties.

Children’s Community Options Program (CCOP)
CCOP provides individual services and supports to families that include a child with severe disabilities, including some who may not meet the criteria for CLTS. The program can offer information and assistance in finding services and maximizing community resources, limited funding to buy needed services and goods, and help in linking families with other families to strengthen natural supports. CCOP funding may also be used to match CLTS MA Waiver funding to maximize services. 2 children have solely received CCOP funding to date in 2018 and over 25 children have utilized CCOP as a source of match funding.

Birth to Three Program (B-3)
The Birth to Three Program works with children ages birth to 3 with a variety of special needs, including delays in walking and talking, prematurity, Down Syndrome, brain damage, failure to thrive and birth defects. Parental involvement is a major program component. Children generally remain in the Program until they reach age 3, achieve appropriate age level development or they move from the county. The Program earned high marks during the annual State review this year. In particular, the team was noted to have done an outstanding job in responding to continuing high referral volumes while demonstrating great teamwork. 159 children have been served in the program through September 2018, exceeding the previous high of 151 during the same time period in 2017. The program’s average annual enrollment from 2012-2016 was 134 children. Data furnished by the State comparing Shawano’s recent annual enrollments to all Wisconsin counties reveals that Shawano’s performance far surpasses the average for all of Wisconsin’s Birth to Three Programs. Data shows that Shawano enrolled 70% of potentially eligible children while the average across all of Wisconsin’s 72 counties was 20%.

Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)
CCS serves individuals across the lifespan who have a mental health and/or substance abuse disorder and are in need of community-based psychosocial rehabilitative services, which can provide assistance in an array of services that are person centered, collaborative, and individualized. The goal of CCS is to promote recovery and independence, community integration/resources, and improved quality of life. From only a few participants in 2014, the CCS program has grown to serve over 60 individuals in 2018. The majority of participants are youth with complex behaviors and other challenges that put them at high risk for out-of-home or institutional placement. The program continues to diversify treatment and support resources to increase participant’s access and choice while improving clinical outcomes

Coordinated Services Team (CST) Initiative
CST is a wraparound model of care that is targeted for children and families involved in two or more systems of care such as behavioral health, long term care, juvenile justice, child welfare or special education. The collaborative teaming approach aims to achieve positive outcomes by providing a structured, individualized, and strengths-based planning process. The vast majority of persons receiving CST are children and adolescents enrolled in CCS. 35 youth and their families have been served through CST so far in 2018.

Community Support Program (CSP)
CSP provides intensive treatment, rehabilitation and support services for people who have severe and persistent mental health problems to enable them to continue to live and work in their home community. Program components include medication administration and monitoring, psychiatric services, crisis intervention, counseling, employment related services, social skill training and activities of daily living. CSP services help participants remain in the community without need for inpatient psychiatric care and has contributed to a nearly 50% decrease in all hospital admissions over the past ten years. Evidence-based group treatment approaches have expanded in 2018, providing skill-building aimed at increasing self-sufficiency and peer-to-peer support. CSP served 53 consumers in 2018.

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