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The mission of the Shawano County Clerk’s office is to provide prompt, accurate, and courteous information and services to the general public, including the administration and coordination of elections and the issuance and distribution of certain permits and state licenses. The County Clerk’s office also serves the County Board and other county departments by assuring completion of necessary support functions and management of records.

The position of County Clerk is a Constitutional Officer elected by the voters of Shawano County.

The Clerk’s office provides general information and many services to the public. Some of the services provided are: issuing marriage licenses, work permits and timber harvest notices. The County Clerk is also the assistant to the County Board and prepares the County Board agenda with the board chairperson, prepares County Board minutes, and publishes necessary documents relating to board action. It is also the responsibility of the office to prepare, design, and distribute the Shawano County directory and County Board proceedings annually. The County Clerk is the legal custodian of County Board proceedings and all committee agendas, minutes and contracts. Finally, the office supports the Shawano County Courthouse general information telephone line.

Shawano County's Sesquicentennial 1853 - 2003.
The County Clerk's office has the Shawano County Sesquicentennial (1853 - 2003) book for sale in their office at a reduced cost of $5.00

The Sesquicentennial book can be mailed for an additional $7.96 to cover postage and handling. Send your check payable to the Shawano County Clerk in the amount of $12.96 and mail it to: Shawano County Clerk, 311 N. Main Street, Shawano, WI 54166.

Contact:  Kara Skarlupka - County Clerk
Phone: (715) 526-9150
Fax: (715) 524-5157
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Address:  Shawano County Courthouse
1st Floor, Room 104
311 N. Main St.
Shawano, WI 54166
Office Hours:  Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Executive Committee