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The Solid Waste Management Board administers the Shawano County Solid Waste Management System, including the County-owned but City-operated landfill and recycling in accordance with and exercising all powers under sec. 59.70(2), Wis. Stat., except the power to levy taxes; establishes operations and methods of waste management; together with the City as operator, charges and assesses reasonable fees to provide services, including a reasonable charge for depreciation to create a reserve for future outlays; promotes and provides education on recycling and reuse; and conducts periodic Clean Sweep programs for household and agricultural hazardous wastes. 

County Board members serving two year terms:
Terry Tipton, East
Steven Natzke, West
Allan Kuhn, Central​
Tom Kautza
James Przybylski

Members serving three year terms:
Mark Braun, City of Shawano, May 2024
Bruce Milavitz, Mayor, City of Shawano, May 2025
Steve Gueths, Member at Large, May 2026
John Stezenski (Vice Chair), Member at Large, May 2026

Thomas Kautza
Allan Kuhn
Steven Natzke
James Przybylski
Terry Tipton