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The Shawano County Department of Human Services has created an advisory committee to address the ongoing service needs of children and adults with disabilities within Shawano County. In the past, we have had several advisory committees that have acted independently to identify and address the needs of children, but have not looked at combining the efforts of these groups. In an effort to take a more effective look at the comprehensive needs of children and adults within our County, we have created one committee with the sole responsibility of identifying service needs, service gaps, outreach activities, and potential prevention efforts that can be implemented across agencies within the County. Our goal is to gather parents, consumers, community partners, and service providers together to address this effort.

Tracy Van Ert, Community Services Division Manager
Karla Downs, Early Intervention Specialist Lead
Katie Gebhardt, Children's Long Term Support Lead
Margaret Boyd
Jessica Delzer
Kathy Stoltenow
Laci Walkush