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General Information

Short Term Services provide access to acute and limited duration services for consumers with mental health issues, alcohol and other drug abuse issues, and developmental disabilities. Services are offered within a framework of evidence based recovery methods and a brief intervention model. Short Term Services seek to provide access to the appropriate level of care, in the least restrictive method possible for consumers. Short Term Services often serve as a gateway or as an adjunct in many circumstances to Long Term Services by identifying people who have more intensive, ongoing needs or by assisting Long Term Care clients with collaborative mental health and alcohol and other drug abuse care.

Emergency Services
Emergency Services is certified under State Chapter DHS 34, with a goal of providing 24-hour access to emergency mental health and alcohol and other drug abuse services through a mobile crisis response team. This team provides face-to-face or telephone crisis counseling, Alcohol and Other Drug assessment, jail intervention, and linkage to short term case management, inpatient, court and outpatient services.

Court Services
Typically accessed through the agency's Emergency Services Program, Department of Community Programs acts as representative of the 51 Board in matters concerning ss51.20 Emergency Detention, ss51.45 Alcohol Detention, ss55 Protective Placement, and ss54 Guardianship for persons suffereing from a mental illness, drug or alcohol dependency issue, or developmental disabiilty. These services are coordinated between the court, Corporation Counsel, inpatient facilities, and the consumer/family by the Department.

Family Court Mediation Services
Mediation is based on the belief that parents, rather than judges, make the best decisions for their children. The process usually involves one session (sometimes additional sessions as needed) with the parents to identify and define issues, assess various options and establish a mutually beneficial agreement that meets the needs of both parents and their children.

Inpatient alcohol and other drug abuse and mental health services are utilized on an acute basis, to stabilize an individual for return to the community, when that individual has become a danger to themselves or others, or is not responding to various methods of community based treatment. The Department's philosophy is parallel to that of best practice standards in that all treatment modalities shall be offered in the least restrictive manner. Use of diversion facilities has helped serve persons in acute mental health distress with an appropriate level of restrictiveness.

Intoxicated Driver Assessment Program
Under the provisions of Chapter 20 Laws of 1981, Department of Community Programs completes the Intoxicated Driver Assessment through a contractual basis

Outpatient Services
Provides quality alcohol, drug abuse and mental health treatment services to individuals within Shawano County at an affordable cost. Program services are designed to support a brief term therapy model conducive with meeting prevention, intervention, and educational needs of consumers who seek treatment. Long term clinical support and services are provided to meet the needs of consumers with recurring chronic and persistent mental health and alcohol and substance abuse needs. Services offered include: crisis services, family therapy, individual therapy, psychological services, mediation, AODA assessment, individual/group therapy, and intensive day programming/aftercare, domestic violence assessment/individual therapy, and psychiatric evaluation/medication management.

Outreach/Prevention Services
Prevention services are intended to provide information, education and awareness to the general public and specific groups about disabilities and diseases related to mental illness, developmental disabilities and substance abuse and how these disabilities might be prevented. Activities include: marketing of the agency, development of resources, recruitment of guardians and Adult Family Home Providers, as well as the availability of speakers' bureau services.
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