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Long Term Care Services - Children
Children’s Long Term Services (CLTS) includes the Children’s Long Term Support Medicaid Waivers. The CLTS waivers are funded through Medicaid. They are known as Medicaid Waivers because the Federal Government “waived” certain regulations so that Medicaid dollars can pay for services in the community. CLTS waivers are available to children and youth under the age of 22 who have a developmental disability, physical disability, or severe emotional disturbance. A child’s eligibility is determined by completion of the State approved WI Children’s Long Term Care Functional Screen.

Case Management – Children
Case Management and service coordination is the provision of service to locate, manage, coordinate and monitor program services, additional services and informal community supports provided to eligible individuals and to assure that services are provided in accordance with program requirements. The Department of Community Programs offers case management services to children and adolescents who have an identified serious emotional disturbance, developmental disability, physical disability, or substance abuse issue. This service provides continuous support, service coordination, advocacy and assistance to families who have children whom qualify. Case Managers serve as a central point of contact for the consumer’s services.

The Birth-to-Three Program is a State and Federal mandated program that provides services to children who exhibit at least a 25% delay in one or more major areas of developmental or cognitive functioning. Children must receive services within their natural environment, home or day care, and families must participate in the provision of services.

Family Support
The Family Support Program enables parents of children with disabilities to care for their children in their own homes rather than placing them in institutions or other out-of-home placements. The program recognizes that having a disabled child places additional stress on the family and can often lead to out-of-home placement. A priority system, based on assessed needs, is used to determine the children and families served by this program. Funding for this program is provided to the agency through a sum-certain grant of $35,000. Limited funds are available and no family is able to receive more than $3,000 per year. Families file a yearly application and the child must meet the CLTS Functional Screen Eligibility to receive this programs funds.

Coordinated Services Team (CST)
This program serves children of all ages that meet functional eligibility criteria and uses the wraparound process to respond to individuals and families with multiple and often serious needs in the least restrictive setting possible. This wraparound process is based on family and community values, is unconditional in its commitment to creatively address needs, and supports community-based options. Each child and family-centered team develops an individualized plan, incorporating the strengths of the child, family, and team members to work toward identified goals. Parents/caregivers are equal partners and have ultimate ownership of their Plan of Care. Children in this program are often involved in multiple systems of care and can still be found eligible/receive other sources of support such as Children’s Waiver, Comprehensive Community Services, school based services, Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services in conjunction with CST.

Community Support Program – Adults
Community Support Program (CSP) is a psychosocial rehabilitation program designed to provide coordinated care and treatment of persons with a serious and persistent mental illness, who also suffer from significant functioning impairments in one or more areas of live. Together, with consumers, individual treatment plans are developed identifying areas of need and methods of assisting the consumer reach specific goals. Over fifty percent of CSP services are provided in the community to help individuals lead independent and successful lives.
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